Commodity Trading at a Glance

Trade some of the world’s popular commodity CFDs - oil, gold, silver & more.

To offer you the best possible price, 1Market has integrated live price feeds from the world’s leading real-time data providers. Take a ride and see for yourself.

What are commodities?

Commodities are basic goods that can be interchanged with other goods of the same type. For example, oil, gold, silver, natural gas, or coal are all commodities – and as such, are used as raw materials in the production of other goods or services. Commodities are traded on specialised exchanges such as the Chicago Board of Trade, Euronext, the Intercontinental Exchange, and others. However, traders don’t acquire these goods in their physical form but rather as Futures Contracts or CFDs on Futures. Trade commodity CFDs with 1Market and take advantage of leverage between 1:10 – 1:20 and tight spreads. It’s time to build your stockpile!

Why Trade Commodity CFDs with 1Market?

If you don’t have huge warehouses to store traded goods like oil, gold, or silver, or possess ten-digit bank accounts to compete with the world’s market stakeholders, trading CFDs on commodity futures contracts is the right option. By giving you easier access to the world’s markets, CFDs give you the opportunity to take advantage of every price rise and fall. Keep your options open!

FAQ’s: Commodities

  • What makes commodities attractive?

    Commodities enjoy great popularity because of the incredible supply-demand dynamic moving their prices. Also, commodities like gold, copper, silver, corn, and livestock serve as safe-haven assets given their negative correlation with stocks and bonds. Generally, most of these commodities are in an inverse relation with the US Dollar. When inflation rises, the gold price also rises because it is priced in US Dollars, while the dollar depreciates.

  • What commodity can I trade with 1Market?

    1Market offers a good range of commodity CFDs including US OIl (Western Texas Intermediate), Gold, Natural Gas, and Silver to mention a few.

  • How do I know a commodity contract is about to expire?

    Every time you submit an order, you will be able to see all the relevant data such as purchase amount, price, target price and expiry date of your traded commodity contract on your screen, as the final step before confirming the order.

  • I invested $3,000 in Gold CFDs, do I get a gold bar?

    No, investing in gold CFDs gives you the opportunity to potentially profit from the difference between the Sell and the Buy price of gold within your selected time frame. It does not mean that you purchased physical gold.