ETF Trading at a Glance

Looking for a better, cost-effective way to diversify your portfolio? Try ETF CFDs. Choose from 40 ETF CFDs and trade on their price movements.

At 1Market, you can trade some of the most popular exchange-traded funds, including SPY, VOX, GDX and USO - all available as CFDs. You can start as small as you like with leverage up to 1:5 and grow at your own pace.

Why choose 1Market to trade ETF CFDs?

1Market offers a great diversity of exchange-traded funds across a wide range of markets and asset classes, including stock indices and commodities like gold and oil. Benefit from tight spreads and free real-time signals. Analyse our charts and use a variety of indicators that you can flexibly set according to your preference. Furthermore, our skilled multilingual market experts and client support representatives will ensure that your experience is as smooth and streamlined as possible, from onboarding to investing.

Why trade ETFs?

ETFs – much like indices and mutual funds –  track the performance of certain industry sectors, and hence, offer plenty of opportunities for diversification at a low cost. ETFs are traded on pretty much any asset class, from commodities to stocks and currencies, allowing you to expand your investment horizon across multiple asset classes simultaneously.


  • What are ETF CFDs?

    ETFs (exchange-traded funds) are baskets or collections of securities or stocks, which track the performance of an underlying index such as the S&P 500, for example. The ETF created around the Standard and Poor’s index is SPDR or SPY.

    ETFs behave like mutual funds in many ways; however, unlike mutual funds, ETFs are listed on exchanges, and ETF shares are traded in the same way as ordinary shares. Being listed instruments, investing in ETFs can be costly. Moreover, investing in an underlying asset is only advantageous if the price rises. Otherwise, you’re stuck with an asset that you either need to sell for some profit or hold, hoping that its price will rise again. On the other hand, trading ETF CFDs is where you can shine no matter if the price rises or falls because you do not invest in an actual ETF; instead, you invest in an ETFs’ price appreciation or depreciation over a set period of time.

  • What is the advantage of trading ETF CFDs?

    Being baskets of assets, ETFs offer greater diversification. Plus, predicting the price movements of bundles of similar assets than tracking individual assets and projecting their performance.

  • What ETF CFDs can I trade with 1Market?

    1Market offers dozens of ETF CFDs across a wide range of asset classes. Click here to view the complete list.