Stock Trading at a Glance

Gain exposure to small, medium-sized and large corporate stocks. From GameStop and AMC Entertainment to Tesla, Aurora Cannabis, and many more - rejoice in the choice.

Access 450 stock CFDs and take advantage of the earnings season. Receive up-to-the-minute price & volatility alerts on your favourite stocks.

How to trade stock CFDs with 1Market?

1Market offers CFDs on a variety of European, American, Australian and Saudi stocks. You can trade any of these during market hours, Sunday through Friday. Open a trading account now to gain access to some of the news-making stocks in the world. Whether you want to go long or short, we have the right solution for you. Additionally, trading share CFDs on leverage allows you to unlock infinite opportunities without putting too much strain on your capital. Stay on top of the news, and get quick market snapshots and daily alerts delivered straight to your inbox. Knowledge is power. Power up with 1Market!

Why trade stock CFDs?

Buying shares on a stock exchange can be costly. Taxes and stock exchange commissions are considerably capital-intensive. Not anymore. At 1Market, you can enjoy trading stocks fee-free with stock CFDs. Versatile by nature, stock CFDs lower the entry bar exponentially, allowing you to leverage your investment, thereby increasing your chances of success but also your risk as you please with our Leverage Self-select tool. Join 1Market and gain access to a bundle of cutting-edge tools to elevate your trading.

FAQ’s: Stocks

  • What shares can I trade at 1Market?

    You can trade CFDs on shares from some of the most sought-after companies around the world. Click here to view our complete range.

  • Do you offer MT4 trading?

    Unfortunately, we don’t. To trade shares, you will need to upgrade to MT5. Besides, MT5 is packed with more features and indicators worth exploring. Upgrade to MT5 now.

  • Can I short-sell equity CFDs?

    Of course, you can go either long or short on any of the equity CFDs we offer. 1Market, limitless options.