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1Market provides a secure environment for retail and professional traders. Aiming to democratise financial services through technology enhancement, 1Market offers a unique array of proprietary and acquired trading solutions that create a comprehensive and empowering milieu where traders can effectively assess other traders' activity and spot trends in real time.

Who We Are

Committed to the same principles of Integrity, Skill, Diligence, Financial Prudence, Communication with Clients and the Protection of Clients’ Assets as laid down by law, 1Market offers a comprehensive and secure trading environment where traders can explore new ways to trade and learn from each other.

About 1Market

The Power of One

Our motto is ‘Trading for all’. The only way to make trading accessible to everyone irrespective of their understanding of the market dynamics or investing potential was by creating a comprehensive environment powered by 1nsight – the collective ‘wisdom’ tool that lets you garner valuable trading intel as you trade. See what other traders like you trade and how their choices influence asset movement in real time.

Making a Social Impact

Bringing a fresh approach to trading, 1Market empowers traders of all levels of experience to explore new ways to trade with a technological edge. At 1Market, we believe that every trader should benefit from a tailored offering. Developed by traders for traders, our versatile trading powerhouse gives both small and large investors the freedom of choice across a complete array of cutting-edge platforms and tools, including the staple solution underpinning our trading infrastructure – 1nsight, a unique algorithm-driven sentiment analysis tool, 1Market Social, an ingenious mobile copy-trading app, and the popular MetaTrader 5, easily accessible across any device and from anywhere. Additionally, our robust web trading platform is always a great choice when it comes to asset coverage, real-time trading analytics, signals, and everything in between. We bring the markets at your fingertips!

Our Vision & Commitment to Traders

We believe in the inclusivity of trading and investment services. With a deep understanding of the market dynamics and years of trading expertise ourselves, we have designed comprehensive trading and investing ecosystem that allows everyone to grow at their own pace. 

When it comes to offering traders a lucrative choice of assets and products, we are relentless. New assets will gradually be added to our platform, as our client experience and research teams continue to analyse our traders’ demand for more versatile financial instruments, and also a fully-fledged 1Market mobile solution will be coming soon.

The adventure is only just beginning. Let’s go!