The commission structure is split into two sections, with half (50%) of the commission being taken when the position is opened, with the other half (50%) being processed upon the closing of the deal.

For example, if you open 1 lot (100,000) of GBPUSD you will pay $3.5 when opening and another $3.5 when closing the position.

You can view the full list of commissions in our easy-to-read chart below.

Asset TypeCommision (Per 1 Lot)
Stocks$0.1 per 1 stock (Min $0.05)
ETFs$0.1 per 1 ETF (Min $0.05)
Crypto0.5% per volume
FX1 Lot100,000
Oil1 Lot1000 barrels
Gold1 Lot100 ounces
Silver1 Lot100 ounces
Gas1 Lot10,000 barrels
Indices1 Lot10 contracts
Stocks1 Lot100 stocks
ETFs1 Lot1 stock
Crypto1 Lot1 coin