1nsight Trading - Reach Beyond the ‘Good-to-know' Trading Analytics

Powered by a set of intelligent algorithms, 1nsight scans the trading activity of thousands of traders and assets available on 1Market’s platform to provide real-time, data-driven insights into the community’s morale. Connect to 1nsight Feed and get it right from the start!

By displaying the data on the side of your screen without interfering with your trading, 1nsight Feed is your ultimate source of trading intelligence.

Ride the trend like a Pro

Identify trends

Before and after big economic events, traders start opening new positions, generating a new trend. 1nsight’s special Trend Spotting feature alerts you the moment a new trend forms.

Volume spikes

The Feed’s algorithm measures the volume of buys and sells on every individual asset class over a given time frame and notifies you whenever there is a spike in volume and volatility.

Position bounces

1nsight traders can plan every move with confidence because the Feed lets them visualise the impact of every headline & economic event on the community’s morale in real time.

Trend Reversal

Stop grappling with breakouts, harness a solution that enables you to spot real reversals as they occur. Fake breakouts are history.

1nsight Trading inside out

1Market’s 1nsight-driven trading environment consists of two core elements: 1nsight Feed – the live streaming pool of market events and our Trading Gauge showing you how the community reacts in real time.

This allows you to easily spot any trends, price swings, or breakouts as a result of macroeconomic releases like the GDP, PMI, CPI, etc. Each event shows buy/sell ratios for an asset as well as valuable insights on how the current market action compares with the norm.

To make trends easier to spot, deviations are highlighted, enabling you to immediately spot the event and carefully evaluate every potential reason for its occurrence and better weigh your options. Conveniently displayed alongside each asset, cataloguing the buys and sells as you trade, our Trading Gauge is your compass.

Why connect to 1nsight?

Digital technology has revolutionised trading to an unprecedented extent. Thanks to the .com boom, anyone can trade today. But greater accessibility to trading opportunities does not equate intelligent trading. That’s where 1nsight makes every difference.

1nsight disrupts the world of trading by bringing a unified approach to investing and creating a dynamic ecosystem where the wisdom of one becomes the wisdom of the community, fueling every trader’s action. Market action, economic docket, breakouts and trends, it’s all within your reach – more clearly displayed than ever. Just take it and use it in your trading!