Trading Central – Your Guide to Market Action

To ensure you never miss an opportunity, 1Market has integrated the investment decision support infrastructure powered by Trading Central™ – the financial industry’s top provider of real-time trading signals and market sentiment for retail traders. Fund your account and gain access to Trading Central’s premium signals 3 times a day free of charge. Be on the ball!

Choice of assets

Get signals on a variety of asset classes: CFDs on Forex, Cryptocurrencies, ETFs, Commodities & Indices.

Multiple scenarios

Get laser-focused scenarios based on multiple support & resistance levels. Plan your next move with greater accuracy.

Multiple time frames

Navigate across the New York, Asian and European sessions with confidence. 3 times a day, every day- stay on top of the markets with real-time signals.

Confirmation tools

Choose from a range of trend confirmation tools and technical indicators and ride the trend with confidence. RSI, MACD, Fibonacci Retracement and many more - all in one place.

How trading signals can help you

By offering you optimal open, close and directional data on a diverse range of assets, trading signals can really help you elevate your trading. Generally, they are generated by complex algorithms and undergo a thorough QA process involving filtering and confirmation by human analysts before they can be used as a valuable adage to daily fundamental indicators. Used carefully, signals also allow you to change the direction of an open position based on the new data.

Why are trading signals essential?

Trading Central blends AI analytics with investment advice provided by registered expert market analysts and financial advisers around the world who watch the key fundamental and technical factors, as well as any changes in investors’ habits over a specific period of time. 1Market provides 24-hour global coverage to ensure real-time market synchronisation. Use this edge in your trading and be one step ahead of your peers.